Work-Life Balance or Blend?

I read an interesting article about how we should forget work-life balance and instead focus on blending our work and our personal life.

Can you do that?

I think that people who are concerned about balancing their work on the one hand and their personal life on the other, are people who don’t like their work very much and feel that they must keep it completely separate from their personal life in order to keep their sanity intact.

If you feel this way and if you’re stressed because you constantly feel that your work is interfering with your personal life, then you need to find another job or career path and/or let go of some things to get your priorities straight.


I really think that the best thing you can do is to find a job that’s also your hobby or something that you genuinely love (or at least really, really like) to do. My dad always said that if you make your job your hobby or if you make your hobby your job, that’s the best thing because then you won’t feel like your working.

Well, there may eventually come a time when your hobby gets the best of you and start to feel like a job, because you’ve made it your job…but I bet those cases will be few and far in between.

If you can’t (or won’t) get another job, maybe you can find a way to delegate your daily tasks either at work and/or at home to ease the overall workload and responsibilities. Can you pay someone to do some of your daily, personal tasks (e.g. cleaning, cooking, shopping, errands,etc.) and save yourself some time?

Or could you let go of some personal responsibilities and tasks to save time?

At work, can you re-organize your work or how you execute your work in order to become more efficient and save time while still doing your job 100%?

It seems to be the general issue at hand: Time. How do we organize ourselves both at work and at home so that both worlds can blend into one cohesive existence?

That’s the trick.

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