#190 – Don’t Create…Document!

I did it again…Oops!

I fell off the wagon with what I’d set my mind on doing – documenting my life. Maybe it happened because I started doubting if it was the right thing or not…and then I set off on a slightly different course. I was documenting my life (for me, myself and I), but after some months I started questioning if this was really what I wanted to do.Then, I changed and stopped documenting and started to create blog posts around themes that I’m interested in…and that’s when it got more difficult for me to write – again. It was hard because all of a sudden, I felt like I couldn’t just write about my day, what I ate, what I did, etc. Instead, I felt like I had to “invent the wheel” every day. And I honestly just don’t have time to do that…! I have a full time job (thank you very much) that takes up most of my time during the day. So, I really only get the chance to write in the evenings (sometime late) and by then I’m too tired to invent the wheel…or however the saying goes.

Some days, I can do that and write really deep and intelligent blog posts about a particular topic and that’s great. But there are days where I just can’t and honestly just want to write about what I ate during the day.

And that’s OK too…because I write mainly for myself, although everyone can basically read it.

So, back to basics I go – back to documenting instead of creating!

I guess, I also became concerned about sharing too much personal information about my life until I read another woman’s blog a few days ago. She distinguished between writing about the personal and the private, saying that she sometimes writes about personal issues but never about private ones.

So, I finally got it.

That’s what I’d been preoccupied about – the personal vs. the private. Of course, you can write about personal stuff if (and only if) it’s something that can bring value to others, i.e. if my personal experience and what I learned can inspire another person or help him/her in any way if they’re going through the same situation. But I’d never write about private stuff. The private is private and only something that I’d share with e.g. my husband and the people who are closest to me…not something that I’d write about on my blog or post on Instagram.

Don’t create – document.

Personal vs. private.

Of course…! This is life in a nut shell, I guess. We go back and forth all the time. Some days, we’re so sure that we’re cruising down the right path, doing all the right things and that everything is great. And then the next day, something happens and we feel like we’re doing all the wrong things and that none of it really matters anyway.

If anyone ever said that life is a roller coaster… they were absolutely right!

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