#191 – Pushing 40 & Feeling It…Just a Little

Until recently, I never really felt that my age was getting to me…but I’m definitely starting to feel it now.Okay, so 40 may not be such a big deal (it’s really not!) but it’s become very clear to me that a) my body just isn’t responding the way it did when I was in my 20s or even in my early-mid 30s and b) I need to do something about it – STAT!

Health-wise, I’m definitely feeling like I need to up the ante because the amount of time I work out (which used to be fine a decade or even just a couple of years ago), just isn’t doing anything for me anymore. I was actually looking around on my computer and found an old article that I’d saved from a fitness magazine, describing the kind of workouts a person should be doing depending on one’s age.

As the article suggests, a 40 year old person should be working out 5-6 hours a week. I’m currently working out about 3 hours a week.

It’s time to kick it up another notch. You’ve probably noticed that you’re not losing weight as easily anymore – and that you’re not getting in shape by just working out a little bit. Now is the time to do something to make sure your body will do well in the years to come. You need to work out harder and more efficiently than you did 20 years ago.

Don’t I know it…now.

So, this totally sucks because getting in shape is going to requiere A LOT of work and dedication – both when it comes to exercising and diet.

But I have to do it. I’m already feeling the hands of time starting to weigh me down and I don’t have the same energy as I did 10-15 years ago.

Come on!!!!!

This morning I got up just after 6 AM and worked out on the terrace for about 30 min, doing strength training, which is so important as you get older. And this afternoon, I went for a 30 min walk/jog followed by a 30 min walk. I’ll be aiming at working out for at least an hour a day (cardio & strength), 5-6 days a week and hopefully that will give me some results…

The only thing that comforts me a little right now, is an article I read online the other day about how the entire world’s population is basically getting fatter every year since 1975! Thank God, it’s not just me!

That makes me feel a little better. Just a little…

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