#193 – The PGA TOUR Comes to Town

Last week was a hectic week! Not so much for me, but for Mr. A, who was working 2 jobs as the Starter Chairman at the PGA Tour tournament CORALES Punta Cana Resort & Club Championship, playing at the Corales golf course in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, AND running his (our) own business.I came out on Saturday and Sunday to help him set up in the morning. Mr. A was responsible for the team of starters; players’ shuttle from hole 9-10, the media tent and to the players’ villa. He was responsible for setting up the little booth on the 1st tees with the score cards, caddie bibs, snacks, etc.

On Saturday, Mr. A showed me around “behind the scenes” and we passed by the driving range to watch some of the players warm up. I watched the golfers tee off on the 1st and 10th hole where he and our friend, J, were announcing the players.

The rest of the day, we basically just drove around the course in a golf cart and watched the players on a few of the holes. We sat in the sky boxes on the 9th and 18th greens and then went to the main VIP tent and hung out for a while… until the leader ball came in and the sun set behind the palm trees.

I was watching the 2nd round of the tournament on the Golf Channel on Friday and WOW…it looked like a dream. The aerial shots of the Corales golf course, the entire Puntacana Resort, the beach, the ocean…it was just beyond beautiful. If the promo video, that they put up several times right before commercials, doesn’t make you want to travel to Punta Cana…then, I guess, nothing would.

I had a lot of fun being out there on Saturday but, boy, was I beat when we came home. It wasn’t even that late, but I’m not used to being outside in the sun and wind all day…and that’s what knocked me out.

On Sunday, I had plans to walk around on the course and follow some of the players. Well, that turned to be the worst plan! I did manage to walk a few holes, but then it started drizzling …and then is started pouring! I got caught in the rain with no umbrella and I got completely soaked. It was really windy too, so I was freezing as I walked back to the clubhouse…where I had to buy new clothes.

All in all, I think the tournament went really well. It was, of course, too bad that it had to rain on the last day (I wonder how it looked on TV), but that’s nature for you… unpredictable. One good thing about coming back to the clubhouse and hanging out there until the tournament was over, was that I got a front row spot to see the award ceremony. Mr. A was fortunate to even get a photo with the winner (Brice Garnett)!

The PGA Tour is coming back next year in March, so I’ll be looking forward to that.

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