#194 – Let the Travel Season Begin

After 3 months of going nowhere, it’s finally time to let the travel season begin…Our first trip of 2018 is actually almost a repeat of Mr. A‘s birthday trip that we went on about 5 months ago in November last year.

We’re going on a cruise – again! And we’ll be sailing with Celebrity – again! It doesn’t matter at all because I just love to travel and I love going on cruises even though they are super bad for the environment and I care (a lot) about climate change.

So, we’re back in Miami (again) and staying at our favorite hotel – Me Miami on Biscayne Boulevard, right across from the cruise ship port. It’s so funny to be back, I mean we’ve stayed here so many times now that it almost feels like our second home.

The Me Miami hotel is really nice. We’ve learned to ask for a quiet room facing away from the Main Street because the noise from the traffic on Biscayne Blvd can get really loud. This time, we’re in a standard room on the 10th floor on the side of the building. If you get the upgraded rooms on the 14-15th floor by the pool…those are the best ones. The last time we stayed here, they gave us a free upgrade…

Our room is spacious and the bathroom is huge! It’s about the same size as the bedroom and even has a bathtub!

There’s free WiFi, which is a must and a plus. The gym is fantastic, so clean and has everything necessary for a good workout. And the view over the harbor doesn’t get any better. This morning, I did a 30-min Walk/run on the treadmill and then weights…early mornings are best as the gym is practically empty. This morning from around 7:30 – 8:30, we were only 3-4 people in the gym.

We only realized this the last time we were here, but there are actually a few restaurants within walking distance from the Me Miami hotel. Our favorite is the Elia Mediterranean restaurant, which is great for breakfast and lunch, and Sushi Sake for dinner. If you walk a little further, there’s also a CVS pharmacy (I love pharmacies here in the US!) and a few blocks further, you’ll reach the Bayside Marketplace which has several restaurants and shops. When we were here in December, we had dinner a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., which is one of those “typical” America fast food restaurants themed after the movie Forest Gump. The food there was pretty good, but it was (obviously) a lot of fried food.

We arrived in Miami yesterday, got our rental car at the airport and drove straight to the hotel. After a quick lunch at Elia, we went shopping… this country is great for shopping!

We went to Bass Pro Shops, Bed Bath & Beyond, Marshall’s and Walgreens and got some good stuff…a lot of the stuff we can’t get at home.

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