#195 – Goodbye Miami, Hello Celebrity Cruise

We ended our short stay in Miami with a fantastic dinner at a great restaurant that we happened to find online: Komodo. We got there just as the restaurant opened and got a table on the outdoor patio, which was so beautifully decorated. The service was great and the food came flying out of the kitchen at a perfect pace. We ordered different starters to share and they just kept on coming in a steady flow, which was perfect as it kind of spaced out the meal.

We loved the lobster dynamite (it was so good that we ordered it twice!), the wagyu beef dumplings and the dragon roll shushi. The wild mushroom lo mein was more like an Italian dish and very rich with heavy cream.

This morning we met up with our friends, M & J, and drove to Ft. Lauderdale to jump on the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship for a 7-night Caribbean Cruise.

It feels like yesterday that we were practically on this ship, going on exactly the same trip. The Celebrity Silhouette is virtually identical to the Celebrity Reflection that we were on in November, when we went on a 14-night Caribbean Cruise.

This time, we’re going with some friends and their friends …and looking forward to having a different cruise experience.

Even though I know it’ll be super tough, I am very determined to have a healthy cruise… to not eat and drink as much as I usually do.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed … and will do my best to make it happen!

Tomorrow, we’ll be in Key West and I’m looking forward to coming back there and spending a couple of hours, riding around in a golf cart and exploring the island.

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