#197 – Sailing to Costa Maya, Mexico

Today is a sea day on Celebrity Silhouette. We departed Key West yesterday afternoon and spent the entire day sailing to Mexico. Tomorrow morning, we’ll arrive in Costa Maya and most likely head to the Tropicante beach club that we went to on our last visit.Sometime during the night or early morning, the captain set the ship’s time an hour back… I didn’t know (I didn’t hear the announcement), so I thought I got up this morning around 7:15 am, but found out later that it was really only 6:15 am.

So what do people do on these full days on the sea? Anything they want, basically. I did my usual morning routine… went to the gym for about an hour in the morning and did my cardio & strength session. Then, I picked up coffee (in my own thermos that I bought on Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas) and a light breakfast from the spa café and brought it to the room. I spent maybe an hour working on the computer and having breakfast on the balcony before joining Mr. A at the Solarium.

I worked on the computer for a few hours (updating our new website…still in progress), sitting in a lounge bed at the Solarium. At noon, Mr. A and I went to the buffet for lunch. Wow, the buffet was packed and people were standing in long lines for food. I managed to grab some steamed vegetables, chicken, rice and a little pork stew. We sat next to the dessert section and I must have eye-balled the deliciously looking cakes a hundred times, but finally decided to get some fresh strawberries instead.

Mr. A went back to his chair at the Solarium, but I wanted some sun and went out to find a sun bed outside. Well, that was easier said than done. After walking around the entire ship, without finding any open sun beds anywhere, I finally found a nice, quiet and sunny spot on the lawn just in front of the Lawn Club Grill. Yes, they actually have a real lawn with real grass on this ship…! So, I plopped down and laid out for about an hour and a half. There was a good breeze too, so it was really nice.

I went back to the room to work a little on the computer and around 5 pm, I went back to the gym for an afternoon cardio session of 20 min on the elliptical trainer, 20 min on the stationary bike and 20 min on the treadmill. The only reason why I’m spending so much time at the gym is because I’m eating and drinking more than usual, so I need to do something to balance it out.

I had just enough time for an hour nap before dinner. Tonight, we dined at Qsine and it was a lot of great food.

3 hours later, we were done and so was the day. We went to bed just before midnight … and that was how I spent the entire day at sea onboard the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship.

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