#198 – A Day at Tropicante Beach in Costa Maya

This was our 2nd time visiting Costa Maya in Mexico (both on a Celebrity cruise). Our friends were doing a jungle bike tour where they would go swimming in a cenote and go paddle boarding by some beach. That’s too much activity for us, so we decided to go (back) to Tropicante beach and just spend the day relaxing on the beach.It was a beautiful day but super windy, so it didn’t feel as hot. We already knew to walk through the theme park-like port area and out on the main road where the taxis were waiting. A quick, US$ 2 per person and 5-minute drive later, we arrived at the beach and it was wonderfully un-crowded. We should’ve emailed ahead and reserved a sun bed, because they were all reserved and all we could get was a table and regular chairs.

We just hung out. Mr. A had 2x 90-minutes massage (before and after lunch), I had a 60-minute massage… We had lunch, I went swimming in the ocean a few times and spent a few hours reading in my book.

Lunch was pretty good. I had the ceviche, which was nice and fresh. The guacamole with nachos was a huge portion and really delicious. We also ordered their specialty dish (I can’t remember the name) which was different meats that came in a pot, almost like a hearty stew and served with rice, beans and flour tortillas. They didn’t have fresh pineapple juice on the menu, but the waiter offered to run to a place across the street to get us a bottle of their fresh pineapple juice… great service.

A few hours after we got there, the beach was crowded…! I think it was even more crowded this time than on our first visit, and seeing that the beach isn’t that big, it wasn’t really an awesome experience.

It was nice, but I really thought it was too crowded…

We will, however, most likely come back if/when we’re ever in Costa Maya again. Next time, we’ll be sure to reserve a few sun beds ahead of time.

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