#199 – A Private Boat in Cozumel

In Cozumel we all got together for a private 5-hour boat tour that turned our to be the most amazing experience and one that I’d highly recommend to others!One of the other people in our group of 8 had found the boat company Deluxe Private Boats online and booked a 40 ft. Searay Sundancer for us – incl. the captain, mate and a bartender, food & drinks.

It was so easy to get from our cruise ship to the boat. Mr. A and I had already been to Cozumel before, so we were able to lead the group outside the cruise terminal to where the taxis were picking up passengers. We got a large van for our group and paid US$ 3 per person to drive to the marina…which was literally right next door! We even thought it was so close that we could’ve walked, but with the sun and the heat it was better to just pay the low fare.

When we got to the marina, we had to ask a guy for directions but the boat was pretty easy to find and the crew was already waiting for us and the boat was ready.

What a gorgeous boat!

We were welcomed by the mate who I think was the only person that spoke English, and right away they laid out a tray of fresh fruits and veggies for us and started serving us beverages. It was a little too early (9.30 am) for alcohol so I just had water…

We told them what we wanted to do and explained that we didn’t really want to go where everyone else would go (i.e. we wanted to be far away from tourists) and they totally understood that and did a great job accommodating our wishes.

And then we were off. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a day on the ocean. We sailed along the coast and actually passed by Paradise Beach where Mr. A and I had spent the day on our last visit to Cozumel… Our first stop was by the coral reef where we went snorkeling. They provided all of our gear, which was pretty good quality. The water was FRESH and the reef was beautiful. I don’t know how big it was (it was hard to tell), but it was big enough for us to see a good variety of colorful fish, corals and even a small (baby?) ray.

Mr. A had (of course) brought his fishing pole along and they actually also had 2 big fishing poles on the boat. So, after snorkeling we headed to the deep blue sea where the captain and mate said was where all the fish where. But, unfortunately, the ocean there was also very rough (well, in my opinion) and it didn’t take too belong before all 4 women (myself included) started feeling seasick. I don’t know how long we stayed, but Mr. A and the guys did manage to catch like 6-7 Yellow tale snappers and Trigger fish – so we had lunch!

After yelling at Mr. A 2-3 times from the front of the boat (where I was sunning myself) and telling him that he had to wrap it up because the women were getting seasick, we continued to …well, I don’t know where we went but it was PARADISE. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful ocean in the Caribbean, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anywhere as beautiful as where we went… There are no words to describe the color of the ocean and how crystal clear the water was, how soft the sandy bottom felt and how thrilling it was to have rays swimming up to us (it was kinda scary!).

We went swimming in this paradise while the crew prepared a lovely lunch for us with a variety of fish, including a few of the ones that the guys had caught. The food was delicious and we ate it all… it was probably at this point that I got a little too much sun, though, and that my back got completely burnt. I took such great care putting sunscreen on my front that I forgot my back and later that evening, I felt the burning pain and the heat on my back. Ouch!

The 5 hours on the ocean went by so quickly and before I knew it, we were back at the marina and thanking the captain & crew for the most amazing experience.

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