#202 – Going Back to the Caribbean

At around 6:00 AM we docked at Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It was still dark out and we were up early because we had to be ready to walk off the ship (carrying our own luggage) at 7:00 AM.We had a 10:47 AM flight from Ft. Lauderdale direct to Punta Cana, so we had to just get off the ship and head straight to the airport. The security scanned our sea pass card one last time around 7:30 AM and from there on we were already heading back to reality…

We had a smooth and completely uneventful (thank God) travel day and arrived in sunny Punta Cana around 1:00 PM where we had a driver waiting to bring us back to our house.

And then it hit me… how funny it was that we’d left our home in the Caribbean a little more than a week ago, traveled to the United States to then go on a vacation around the Caribbean. Then, we came back to the United States to return to our home in the Caribbean. If that’s not a “full circle”, then I don’t know what is.

It was good to get away. It was good to come back…

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