Document Your Life #73 – Celebrity Cruises 14-Night Ultimate Caribbean Cruise

We got up early and I went to the gym. It’s too bad that we’re leaving our hotel already, because we have the most amazing suite on the 14th floor and right in front of the swimming pool. We arrived last night, so there’s no time to actually use and enjoy the pool. But I […]

Document Your Life #30 – NYC San Genaro Feast & Jue Lan Club

Hurricane Maria had passed by Punta Cana during the night as a category 3 storm. We spent the morning catching up and getting news from our team in Punta Cana. Even though this hurricane didn’t make a direct hit on Punta Cana, the effects were still worse than when hurricane Irma passed 2 weeks ago. […]

Document Your Life #17 – NYC Great Northern Food Hall & Miss Saigon

Now that Hurricane Irma had passed by the Dominican Republic and left Punta Cana practically unharmed (thank you), we could finally breathe a little easier…and relax. Just in time for the weekend, we could “sit back” and just enjoy the last few days in New York City. We walked uptown and headed for Grand Central […]