#207 – Wake Up and Join the 5 AM Club

I came across this “concept” of the benefits of waking up early about 10 days ago when I read an article in INC.com about why you should wake up at 5 AM every day (link below).

#206 – The Importance of Communication

The older I get, the more I realize and appreciate the importance of communication. I’m realizing that good communication is such an incredibly important aspect of life and without it, it’s hard to move forward and to succeed.

#188 – Work-Life Balance or Blend?

I read an interesting article about how we should forget work-life balance and instead focus on blending our work and our personal life.

Can you do that?

#186 – You Have to Be You

As I get older (!), I feel that I’m realizing more and more about myself, about people and life in general. I don’t know if aging automatically comes with a certain dose of self-awareness and general realization, but I feel that I’m discovering certain truths that I perhaps didn’t fully realize, say, 20 years ago.

#185 – What’s Your Passion?

Passion is everything, right?

What is your passion?

What is that one thing that you’d do every day, all day even if nobody paid you for it or even knew you were doing it?

#184 – It’s Not Always About the Money

I’m sure you’ve heard about the latest school shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida a couple of weeks ago.

It seems like the media has been all fired up lately as people have been “screaming” for change and many companies have been taking a stand in the matter and made changes to distance themselves from the NRA. Although political change may be slow to manifest and although a constitutional change may likely never happen, I think a lot can be done “from the ground up”. And it seems that the time is ripe for it.

#181 – To Blog or Not to Blog

Do you even know how many blogs there are in this world?

Millions, for sure. Millions and millions…

So why should you start a blog and write about a topic that for sure is already written about by (many) other people?

#179 – Look Me in the Eyes


I read an article today about Dame Anna Wintour (editor in chief of American Vogue) and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who sat next to each other at a fashion show during this year’s London Fashion Week. In the article, there were several photos of the two ladies sitting comfortably side by side, the Queen looking quite thrilled and happy and Anna Wintour…

#165 – The Missing 2%

If you’re going to take on a job or a task, make sure you do the job 100%. Make sure you finish – really finish.

#163 – Cultural Dimensions

Many, many years ago when I lived in Denmark and studied International Business Communication at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), I learned about Geert Hofstede and his theory on cultural dimensions. Even though I was living in a multi-cultural environment back then (a.k.a. a dorm!) with students from lots of different countries, I never really realized how important culture really is.