#2 – Goodbye Denmark

Goodbyes or see you laters are a funny thing. So, I left Denmark today.

A Cute Restaurant in Odense: Olivia Brasserie


In the summer of 2016 I had lunch with my friend R at a lovely restaurant called Olivia Brasserie, located in Vintapperstraede.

Visit Korsør City – Day 3


If today is your last day in Korsør, you’re going to have a great day! If by now you’re getting the groove of this place (and you want to stay longer), you’ll probably be happy to know there’s much more to see and experience, incl. beaches, the forrest, nature trails, etc.

Visit Korsør City – Day 2


Hopefully, you had an amazing day visiting Korsør City (day 1) and you’re ready for another day of easy and relaxed sightseeing.

Here’s what you should see on your 2nd day in Korsør:

Visit Korsør City – Day 1


Korsør (Korsor) isn’t a bustling city with a million shops, restaurants, bars, museums, etc. In fact, as you walk around you might wonder, “Where is everyone?” But it’s a cozy city, the kind of place where you can really relax, connect with nature and find some cool and interesting sights along the way.

Must Visit: Odense – The Fairy Tale City


I like to call Odense the Fairy tale city of Denmark. It is the 3rd largest city in Denmark with a population of 175,245 (2016) and the birthplace of one the world’s most famous fairy tale authors, Hans Christian Andersen.

My Favorite Beach in Denmark: Svenstrup Beach


Just outside the small town of Korsor (Korsør), located on the southwest side on the island of Zealand there is a suburb called Svenstrup. Here you’ll find lots of beautiful nature, beaches and farmland. It’s incredibly peaceful and quiet.

Why You Should Visit This Small Town in Denmark


Most people, who travel to Denmark, go to Copenhagen or one of the other bigger cities like Odense (birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen), Roskilde or Aarhus. All of those cities are nice to visit and offer lots and lots of sights, museums, exciting restaurants and events to take part it. Especially Copenhagen – the capitol of Denmark.