#202 – Going Back to the Caribbean

At around 6:00 AM we docked at Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It was still dark out and we were up early because we had to be ready to walk off the ship (carrying our own luggage) at 7:00 AM.

#197 – Sailing to Costa Maya, Mexico

Today is a sea day on Celebrity Silhouette. We departed Key West yesterday afternoon and spent the entire day sailing to Mexico. Tomorrow morning, we’ll arrive in Costa Maya and most likely head to the Tropicante beach club that we went to on our last visit.

#196 – Around Key West in a Golf Cart

This is my 2nd time visiting Key West on a cruise. It’s such a charming and fun little island to visit. I ove the laid-back ambiance and the architecture is amazing…I’m just in love with the old houses that you see all over downtown or old town Key West.

#195 – Goodbye Miami, Hello Celebrity Cruise

We ended our short stay in Miami with a fantastic dinner at a great restaurant that we happened to find online: Komodo.

#194 – Let the Travel Season Begin

After 3 months of going nowhere, it’s finally time to let the travel season begin…

#120 – From MIA to PUJ

It’s time to check out of our hotel, to say goodbye to Miami…and go home. Our trip back goes very smoothly. When we get to the airport, a guy comes up and asks if we want to check in curbside. It’s never worked before, but we try it and voila…we’re good to go.

#119 – Christmas Shopping in Miami

Ahh, Miami. I really like this city and the vibe. I’ve been here several times before, but this time we’re here to do the last bit of Christmas shopping.

#108 – A Healthy Trip?

I wonder if it’s possible to have a healthy trip this time around…? Can I keep my focus strong enough and long enough to eat mostly plant based food (not too much) and work out every day?

#107 – Traveling

So, we’re traveling … again. It’s time for our annual Christmas trip to Florida (Miami, this time) and a cruise in the Caribbean together with Mr. A‘s mom and sister.

#87 – All (Good) Thing Must Come to an End

After a long trip, we’re back where we started and once again making our way home. Just like a boomerang, we will eventually come back.